Mar 30

innoDevice InnoFlask Bluetooth Speaker Review

I reviewed a ton of Bluetooth Speakers in the past and still look for quality Bluetooth Speakers that stand out. The InnoFlask speaker was intriguing with its unique design and case that doubles as a stand. In a world of boxy Bluetooth speakers, the InnoFlask is the first speaker that really breaks the mold.

South Korean designer YoungSe Kim has won many awards for his work. As the CEO of InnoDevice, he is creating a brand that is about design first. The InnoFlask is one of the three products the company launched along with the InnoHug and InnoWave.

The InnoFlask comes in a sunglass style hard case that doubles as a stand. The hard cases come in the same color as the speaker and the one I reviewed was the blue version. InnoFlask comes in your choice of cool colors such as blue, white, black and orange with matching hard case. The speaker is design like a flask with its flat, thin frame, and minimalist design. The front is dominated with a front speaker grill taking up the entire front of the speaker with the Inno logo. The sides are polished metallic that goes all away around the unit. On one side of the speaker you will find volume controls, on/off switch and Bluetooth controls. The other side features a microUSB connection for charging and audio jack.

The InnoFlask pairs easily with an iOS or Android phone or Tablet. I tested out the speaker with an Ipad while streaming iTunes radio and found the speaker to be clear and loud without distortion. I tested the speaker with a diverse group of genres and the speaker was crystal clear and had just the right about of bass to it.

InnoFlask is an innovative take on the Bluetooth Speaker market. The speaker weighs less than a pound, comes in a hard case that is about the size of a sunglass case, and is perfect for travel. The goal of InnoDevice was to create unique, original products that would stand out and the company has succeeded with products such as the InnoFlask. After reviewing dozens of Bluetooth Speakers, the InnoFlask is the one I take with me everywhere.

9.5 Out of 10

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