Apr 20

Midnight Scoop - The Easiest Way to Scoop Hard Ice Cream Review

I saw the Midnight Scoop on Kickstarter and thought it was an innovative product for an everyday problem. Midnight Scoop explains that we have been scooping ice cream wrong all these years. The current ice cream scooping products require force and puts pressure on your wrist. The Midnight Scoop curve shape allows you to use your arm and chest rather than your wrist to scoop up the ice cream. The Midnight Scoop allows you to scoop even the hardest of ice cream.

The Midnight Scoop was designed by mechanical and aerospace engineer Michael Chou. Midnight Scoop is designed with a thick curved handle made of solid aluminum and available in colors ebony, graphite or moonstone.

I tested out several different Ice Cream brands and each and every time the Midnight Scoop up the ice cream with no problems. The plastic ice cream scooper I bought at the store had a tough time scooping the same ice cream. I tried a metal spoon that bent when scooping up ice cream. The Midnight Scoop by far excels where other scooper’s fail.

The Midnight Scoop is the best ice cream scooper on the market and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Everyone that has had a difficult time scooping up hard ice cream will want this item. It simply solves a problem that everyone has had to deal with at some point. The Midnight Scoop comes at a premium price of $50, but is well worth it considering it will be the last scooper you will ever need to buy.

9.8 Out of 10

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