Apr 22

Loft of Cambie WOLYT Sleeve Classic Charcoal/Brown Review

Considering smartphones are getting larger, I need a wallet that is small and minimalist. The WOLYT Sleeve Classic is the ultimate minimalist wallet for versatile functionality. The wallet was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2014 and now is available to purchase.

The Loft of Cambie WOLYT Sleeve Classic is made with genuine leather, high denier ballistic nylon and cotton fabrics. The construction is solidly built and the design is modern. The wallet is lightweight and super slim for easy carry. I like that the wallet is simple as possible while adding essential features.

The WOLYT Sleeve can hold seven credit cards/ID card, five banknotes and a key. The wallet is slim enough to carry with your smartphone in the same pocket. The quick draw pull tab for easy access to your cards is genius. I am able to pull out my ID card in a second with the quick draw pull tab.

The Loft of Cambie WOLYT Sleeve Classic is the best minimalist wallet I have reviewed. It blends style, function and craftsmanship to combine for the best every day carry wallet you will ever own. I can’t go back to the bulky wallet again after owning the WOLYT Sleeve wallet.

9.7 Out of 10

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