Apr 23

InnoDevice’s InnoWave Headphones Review

The latest smartphones have curved glass and these new headphones have a curved wave shaped headphone band that follows the trends. The Innowave is designed with fashion in mind and come in flashy colors.

The InnoWave has an innovative wavy band shape that looks different and decreases force to your head. The headphones are super comfortable and stylish. The InnoWave were designed by award-winning designer YoungSe Kim. The InnoWave comes in olive, orange, beige and purple. The InnoWave features 40mm dynamic drivers and a flat cable that does not tangle. The headphones retail for $129.95 on the site.

I tested out the InnoWave headphones with a wide variety of music genres from classical, pop, rock and R&B. The headphones work great with my Nexus phone, iPad tablet and iPad Mini. The headphones are marketed to the same trendy people that wear Beats by Dre. The headphones provide ample bass and crystal clear sound driven by the 40mm driver. The headphone also include a carrying pouch for easy travel.

The InnoWave is a headphone with loads of style for street wear. The headphones also provide great quality audio for your Smartphone. The InnoDevice’s InnoWave Headphone comes in bright colors that will appeal to the younger trendy crowd. The cool factor on InnoWave is high and audio very good making it a must buy.

9.4 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

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