Apr 27

InnoDevice InnoHUG headphones review

InnoDevice is a new startup company out of South Korea making waves with its unique design first products. The company has release three products at launch and the InnoHUG could be the most useful. InnoHUG is a behind-the-neck headphone that offers great sound quality and interchangeable ear muffs. The headphones comes with leatherette ear muffs and can be swapped out with fuzzy ear muffs.

InnoHug comes with 40 mm drivers that deliver big sound and clarity. The big feature on these headphones is that they double as ear muffs that are perfect for the winter months. You simply remove the leatherette pads and replace them with the fuzzy ear muffs. The InnoHug is a bit more reserved that the InnoWave that has a bit more splashy design. The InnoHug is low key, but far from boring. They are a stylish behind-the-neck headphones perfect for streetwear.

InnoHug is a cool product for sure and one that I plan to wear when it gets cold in Michigan with the fuzzy ear muffs. The InnoHug headphones offer great sound and performance at a good price. The InnoHug can keep your ears warm and toasty during the winter months and then swap out the leatherette pads for the other seasons.

9.7 Out of 10

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INNO Hug Back Band Headphones White

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