Jun 15

Gwee™ line of touchscreen and optical microfiber cleaning products Review

Gwee is a line of products that keep your tablets, smartphones and laptops free from dust, lint, smudges and more. I find that my tablets, phones, and other touch screen devices screens get dirty in a hurry and you just don’t carry a microfiber cloth with you everywhere. The Gwee line of products that clean your gadgets and are easy to take with you with magnets that attach to the devices.

Gwee Sport Guppy™ - The Gwee Sport Guppy is a product that keeps your headphone and earbud cords in order. It uses a magnetic clasp that allows you to attach to clothing.

Gwee Button,™ - Gwee Button - Gwee Button is a microfiber cell phone screen cleaner and doubles as a kickstand.

Gwee Keyring™ - The Gwee Keyring™ is a revolutionary new product designed to keep your sport glasses, eye glasses and sunglasses hygienically clean and smudge-free while on the go.

Gwee Leaf - Gwee Leaf is a cleaning cloth that magnetically attaches to your tablet.

The Gwee line of products are great for keep your touchscreen devices in pristine condition that is free from dust, lint, dirt, and smudges. The Gwee products are easy to use and easy to attach to your device with the integrated magnets. I recommend this to anyone with a smartphone and tablet that hates a dirty screen.

9 Out of 10

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