Sep 30

Stilo Fine-Tip Active Stylus Pen Review

I have tried a few active stylus pens for capacitive screen devices and have been disappointed. I thought I would give a new one on the market a shot. The Stilo Pen is an active fine-tip stylus that is battery powered and paired with a precision screen protector. I tested this with a Ipad Mini and the results were good.

I like that Stilo Pen uses a single AAA battery rather than a coin battery that will cost more to replace. You can also use a rechargeable AAA battery and save buying batteries all the time. The stylus has a 1.9mm fine tip rather than a nub like other stylus for capacitive touchscreens. This allows you to write notes naturally and even draw.

Stilo Pen includes an optional screen protector that pairs with the active stylus. The screen protector is only $20 additional and I highly recommend it as it was an improvement in the experience of the stylus.

The Stilo Pen is the best stylus I have tested on a capacitive screen device. Most of the active stylus pens on the market are bulky and not very accurate. The Stilo Pen is truly the first active stylus that I really like and can jot down notes and draw with. The Stilo Pen is a bit pricy at $69.99 but well worth the upgrade for serious professionals that need a precision pen for their iPad, iPhone or touchscreen device.

9.5 Out of 10

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Stilo - World’s Best Fine Point Active Stylus for iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy Tablets - No delay, no lag, no skipping. Natural feel. White

Disclosure: Manufacture supplied review sample. Affiliate link.

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