Oct 01

Consol Solar Jar Review

Consol Solar Jar is a cool product out of South Africa. The Consol Solar Jar was originally designed for people in areas without electricity. The Consola Solar Jar stores energy during the day and releases light during the night. The Console Solar Jar is made up of a traditional mason jar with lid and solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in its lid. It is simple to use as you simple flip the unique magnetic switch and the light turns on.

Handmade to a high standard
Preserve jar 100% recyclable
Made with 70% local materials
Creates steady jobs
Winner of five design awards

The Consol Solar Jar is perfect for camping, outdoors, at the table and more. The light reflects the jar and creates a unique lighting experience. You can buy a few and create a unique lighting experience at a party event.

Consol Solar Jar is great idea for a gift and has many uses. I use this at the dining room table, in the backyard while working on the garden as it gets dark, and while camping. The solar cells charge up quick and the light output is pretty good for it’s size.

Buy it now here
Consol Solar Jar - Solar-powered LED Lantern & Table Light

Disclosure: Manufacture supplied review unit. Affiliate link.

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