Oct 20

truMedic InstaShiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager, Teal, 5 Pound Review

The truMedic InstaShiatsu provides instant relief of your tired shoulder and neck muscles. The massager has wrist handles that allow you to control the pressure of the massage. Also included is a carry bag for easy travel with the massager. The InstaShiatsu can be used with either the built in rechargeable battery or ac power.

Rather than just a pulsing massage the InstaShiatsu kneeds your neck and shoulder to provide a realistic massage. It feels just like someone is massaging your neck and shoulder. The price of the InstaShiatsu is an amazing $139.97 down from the retail price of $299.97. The massager is versatile in that it can be used all over your body.

The truMedic InstaShiatsu is a massager that can go anywhere with it’s built in battery you can use this in your car for hours without a need for a cord to get in the way. I normally go to to the mall and get a therapeutic massage for $60 for 60 minutes. Instead now I use the truMedic InstaShiatsu Plus and save a bunch of money I otherwise had to pay for an massage therapist.

9.5 Out of 10

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truMedic InstaShiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager, Teal, 5 Pound

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