Nov 05

1byone Bluetooth Smartbulb review

One of the coolest products I have found on Amazon is this Smartbulb from 1byone. The Smartbulb is a light bulb, speaker and light show in one device. The Bluetooth Smartbulb connects to your mobile device using an app in the instruction manual as a QR code. I downloaded an QR Reader app on my iPad and scanned the QR code and it found the correct app and downloaded. Once the app is downloaded you pair the device with the Smartbulb and now have complete control of the Bluetooth Smartbulb.

The app allows you to turn on/off the light, change the color of the Smartbulb into any color you wish in the color spectrum. If you set the Smartbulb to auto, the Smartbulb will follow a song with a light show. I tested this the Smartbulb with Youtube and iTunes radio and the speaker is loud enough to fill a large room. The Smart bulb is just slightly bigger than a regular light bulb. I found it similar in size to other LED light bulbs that I own that don’t feature the bluetooth speaker.

I love using this Smartbulb for parties and family get-together as you can screw this into any ceiling light and play music in the room of your choosing. The sound quality is very good with no distortion. It is lacking a little bass but otherwise is fine and playbacks all genres of music.

The Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED is a superb quality item that your family will enjoy. I showed this to my family member and they instantly wanted one as well. This is a cool light bulb to show off the friends and family and also listen to music while viewing a cool light show. This would make a cool gift for the teenager in you family .

9.5 Out of 10

Check out official site here http://www.1byone.com/

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