Dec 03

Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock Review

When it comes to cool gift ideas this Christmas, nothing is more unique that this Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock. The Anelace Clock uses binary code to read time. Anybody into computers such as Computer Science majors, Math geeks, or everyday people will get a kick out of this clock.

Materials: faceplate of plastic materials (ABS with polycarbonate light pipes) and an ABS rear cover. Internally there is a board of electronics that includes 20 surface-mount blue LEDs. Power adapter “wall wart” is a standard plastic housing with internal copper and magnetics.
Direct binary mode (in addition to binary coded decimal).
Dim to change the brightness of the LEDs to match your environment.
12 or 24 hour mode. Automatically senses 60 or 50 HZ. Size 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 2″.
Package Includes: Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD (binary coded decimal) Clock. AC power adapter, and instructions.

The clock has two modes that include 12 or 24 hour formats. The clock has Silver faceplate with Crystal Blue LEDs. It is a cool minimalist design that looks good in any room in the house. The clock also has a DIM setting to lower the LED brightness. The instructions give clear instructions on how to tell the time and after learning how to read time in Binary code then you can easily glance over and tell the time.

A cool Binary clock that will interest your guest. I believe math geeks and computer nerds would like this a lot. The non techie person will have a slight learning curved but should catch on rather quickly. I really like quirky gifts and this one is a very nice clock with a little bit of challenge to it. Someone that didn’t know what the clock was would ask you questions and you can explain that it is a clock with a special method of reading time. I put this at my desk at work and there no better way to tell time and have fun reading the time than this Anelace Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock.

10 Out of 10

Buy it now here
Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock (Silver w/Blue LEDs)

You can also purchase this at the Grommet HERE

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