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SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game Review

We live in a world of Smartphone yet sometimes you just want to play a board game with a friend. SonderGut offers a unique gift idea in the Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game. The boards games are presented in a genuine leather roll-up game for easy travel. The pieces can be used for either chess or checkers by flipping to the correct side. Most board games are made of very cheap materials yet this Chess/Checkers set is all quality and ready to take with you anywhere.

The SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up game looks like a normal watch roll when rolled up. This is until you un-roll the game board to reveal a chess/checkers board. The zipper section hold the game pieces and the entire board is hand-sewn and made of velvety, gray / ivory checker suede. The board game is perfect for a quick game of checker’s or chess anywhere you are. Since the game rolls-up you can take this virtually anywhere and play with friends or family members. Often at family get-together we end up playing cards and some form of board game. The SonderGut travel set is perfect for these occasion to socialize and have fun with friends and family.

SonderGut offers classic games on the go and two of the best classic games of all-time are available in one set. I take this roll-up travel game with me to the park, family get-togethers, and on the plane. It so lightweight and easy for travel and playing with a family member or friend is the best experience. SonderGut Travel Chess/Checkers Roll-up Travel game is a great social game that is great way to play board games. In today’s age where everyone is looking down at a Smartphone it is good once in awhile to actually chat, socialize and have fun playing board games.

10 Out of 10

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