Feb 12

Lewis N Clark Backpack Review

This is a cool idea to create a pack-able backpack as a normal one adds a ton of weight. This Lewis N Clark Backpack weighs almost nothing and folds into a pouch. I put this in my glove compartment along with my pack-able North Face Thermoball Jacket. This is an essential travel backpack as it’s easy to carry and take with you anywhere. The backpack is made of high quality silnylon construction that unfolds to a full size backpack.

The Lewis N Clark Backpack is 17×13 and can fit a host of essential stuff like snacks, water bottle, magazines, books, jacket, clothes and more. The backpack conforms to the contents inside of it and is durable enough to hold a ton of stuff. The backpack would also be useful for frequent flyers as it is the perfect carry-on backpack that you can take your clothes and essentials with on a weekend trip.

Overall a nice backpack that is easy to carry and lightweight enough for all your adventures and travel. Whether your shopping at a outlet mall and want to go hands free or on a camping trip the Lewis N Clark will make an ideal compact companion. So far in testing the backpack it has held up well and the construction is solid with perfect stitching and high quality materials.

9.7 Out of 10

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Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Backpack (Blue/Neon Green)

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