Mar 23

Innovation Factory Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool Review

Trucker’s Friend was made with Truck drivers in mind as it can be used for hacking, prying, pulling or pounding with it’s multi-use functionality. The Trucker’s Friend is also a handy tool for outdoorsman and the everyday guy that needs an all-in-one tool that does all the essential stuff. The Trucker’s Friend tool features an curved axe, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar and lever. The Survival tool is made in the USA and is solidly built and back with a lifetime warranty.

I am not a truck driver but I do my fair share of wood chopping as we have a fireplace and hammer and nail puller for use around the house. And of course if zombies ever come to my house I would be prepared for the worse. All kidding aside this tool is made for the manly guy that likes to fix and repair stuff. It is also nice for emergency situations in the truck, very nice looking tool and for rescue situations.

If you want a survival tool when you prepare for the worse then I highly recommend the Innovation Factory Trucker’s Friend. A nice tool to have in the trunk of your car or a home for handy work. The Trucker’s Friend is a useful tool with endless possibilities of uses. The Trucker’s Friend is a must have for firefights, first responders, outdoorsman, and every day guy.

The Trucker’s Friend can be purchased from Amazon for $59.95 plus shipping HERE

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