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Quickdraw XLR


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I use a utility knife quite often at work but found the knife to of poor quality. This Quickdraw XLR is well design and appears to be quite sturdy for any job.

The first knife that provides quick blade access in two positions
Optional Blades available, Snap-Off, Tanto, Insulation
75% Longer Cutting Edge
Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) handle scales with Bi-Directional grip
Exceptional grip in any position
Rugged pocket-clip is spring steel and will securely hold the knife in any pocket
Automatic built in safety feature will keep the knife locked until blade is fully retracted
Includes standard utility blade


Closed Length: 4.50”
Overall Length: 6.80”
Overall Thickness: 0.82”
Blade Neck Thickness: 0.32”

$30 Buy it now HERE


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