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Sep 01

Arrow Project Self-Balance Board Scooter / White

Say HELLO to This self-balancing board, its a smart electric board scooter. With enough power to go up to 20KM/10 MPH and 12-15KM/12 miles on one charge, this Self-Balance Board Scooter is the easiest and most fun form of personal transportation. Buy it now for $699 HERE

Aug 28

Nubrella hands free umbrella

Nubrella is an interested way to stay dry when it’s pouring outside. The Nubrella is an umbrella just without holding it in your hands. Nubrella appears to have many uses for photographers, riding a bike, walking, and more. The company features two version with or without a backpack. The price of the Nubrella starts at …

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Sep 14

Tethercell - Smart battery

Tethercell replaces one AA in your electronics and can remotely turn on and off your device. Tethercell with the Smartphone app can alert you when the battery power is low on your electronic. You can also set device schedules & timers. In the future you can find Tethercell enabled devices with proximity function. Tethercell was …

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Aug 27

PAPAGO! Video Contest

Papago is the first slide out dashcam. The company is offering up this amazing product to three lucky winners of it’s video contest. The three participates compete to win a $400 gift card after posted up a video using the dashcam. Check out rules and details HERE

Aug 14

TRASH-EASE - Portable trash bag holder

Ever been to park for picnic and have the trash bag fly away? Trash-Ease is an ideal solution to have a portable, reusable, adjustable take-everywhere trash bag holder. Trash-Ease will hang on a bleacher, picnic table, kitchen counter, craft tables, decks and campers. Trash-Ease keeps trash off the ground and won’t tip over or blow …

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Aug 07

Trakdot - Track your luggage while traveling

Trakdot Luggage is constantly monitoring the cellular network to determine it’s city location. When you fly, Trakdot goes to sleep until arrival. Upon arrival at your destination, Trakdot wakes up and reports its new location. Trakdot will email you a text message or email upon arrival at it’s destination. Trakdot makes sure your valuable luggage …

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Aug 06

Looky Loo Light - Keeps children attention during a photo shoot

The Looky Loo light was created to help photographers capture the attention of children during photo shoots. The Looky Loo Light is a wireless attachment that adjusts to any size SLR camera lens and attracts the eyes of the little ones in your life. Photographer Allison Carenza wanted to solve the common problem of photographing …

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Jul 19

Griffin Technology MultiDock - Charges everthing

Griffin Technology has created the ultimate charging dock. The MultiDock can charge your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Android Tablet and at the same time. The MultiDock looks like a mini computer but inside you will find 10 slots to insert your devices for charging. The MultiDock is made of all-aluminum construction and is perforated for cool …

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Jun 11

Bluetooth BBQ thermometer tells you when the meat is done

No longer do you have to wait in front of your grill for your food to be ready. The AW133 Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Smart thermometer alerts you when the meat has reached it’s perfect temperature. You can program your choice of eight entrees and choose how you want your grill items to turn out. …

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May 22


GIGS2GO is a tear and share flash drive pack. This is a great way to share large data to clients and used in conventions and such. The flash drive packs come with 4 flash drives with up to 64gb of storage. via Gigs 2 Go

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