Feb 16

PenRecorderPro SL100 Voice Recorder Pen, Voice Activated, Small Audio Recording Device (Slimline Series)

The PenRecorderPro SL100 is a cool and slim pen that can record audio for recording lectures, personal use, or for professional use. The Voice Recording pen can be used by students to record lectures, private eye to record private conversations, or business people to record meetings. The pen itself looks like an ordinary pen but it’s has a built in voice recorder that can record 140 hours of audio. The SLIMMEST & MOST DISCREET spy pen on the market is available now for only $119 plus free shipping.

The pen features advance VOICE ACTIVATION & continuous recording modes not found on other voice recorders on the market. You can choose 3 different quality audio modes including HD quality audio. The PenRecorderPro SL100 is easy to use as you slide the pen clip to start/stop recording. After recording using the voice recorder you can playback the audio with the included wired remote and earbuds. The 1GB of data allows you to recorder a great deal of audio with the function of voice activation.

The PenRecorderPro SL100 Voice Recorder Pen is the real deal when it’s comes to a professional grade voice recording pen solution for all your professional and personal needs. The Recorder Pen products excellent audio clips and is stealth black design makes it perfect as a spy pen. I would definitely recommend this if your are in the market for an advance recording pen that does it all.

9.8 Out of 10

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SL100 Voice Recorder Pen, Voice Activated, Small Audio Recording Device (Slimline Series)

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