Jul 02

Startech USB 802.11N Dual Band Wireless Network Adapter – 300 Mbps High Power 2T2R Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz Review

I was looking for a USB adapter for my laptop when I want to roam the house and sometimes outside as well. I purchased a cheap one off Amazon and a PCMCIA one as well but neither worked very far distances. The Startech Wifi Adapter looked like the solution I wanted with its high power range.

The StarTech USB300WN2X2D dual-band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter comes with two antennas for better wifi range than other solutions. The software comes with a Ralink driver and optional software. I installed the drive and was all set to connect to my wifi network. The Wifi adapter found 10-12 sources compared to my other wifi cards which picked up 5. That shows the power of this wifi adapter with its two antennas gets a powerful connection.

The StarTech dual-band network adapter got consistent speed and did not vary as much as some of the other wifi adapters I had. The cheap wifi cards have issue of keeping speeds consistent as they will go up and down frequently. The StarTech dual-band network adapter can stream Netflix well, streaming games and YouTube with no problems.

While a bit on the pricey side you get what you pay for as this is as solid a USB wifi adapter that you can get for under $100. The StarTech dual-band network adapter is a powerful wifi adapter that can allow you free to roam from farther distances away from your Wireless router.

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